Business Continuity

Business continuity is a growing focus in organisations worldwide as the threats and risks to business continue to morph and evolve.  Managing risks to business necessitates a proactive approach to physical and virtual vulnerabilities.  Physical vulnerabilities might be security risks to your premises, theft in your retail store, or even internal theft by unscrupulous staff members.  Prudent measures might be to have an IP Surveillance solution scoped and installed, or to screen potential staff using psychometric tests focused on integrity and values.

Virtual threats are the realm that we specialise in when consulting with organisations of all sizes about their business continuity plan.

The Virtual Threat Matrix is a concept we introduce to all new clientele when developing a plan to mitigate common risks to continued operations in the incidence of a virtual disaster.

Virtual Threat Matrix:

  • Critical Data Loss
  • Access to Key Applications
  • Network Security
  • Power Protection

A BES consultant can work with your company to assess your specific risk in each of the above categories, and what measures might be put in place to mitigate their effects on the business should something go wrong.  This approach to business continuity will allow your organisation to stay operational during unforeseen circumstances.

Once we have a solid understanding of the specific risks to your organisation, we might recommend measures such as:

  • Data Backup, Redundancy
  • Hosted Desktop
  • UPS intallations
  • Anti-Virus, Malware Protection


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